Change in the modern world has become dependent on emerging technologies. Some of the most puzzling global issues have been, and will continue to be solved by innovative solutions and technological advancement. TNT Staffing Solutions is at the forefront, and ready to provide solutions for change. We know that IT can be complex.

That is why we specialize in simplifying the support & delivery of IT services within your organization to make IT work for you and not against you. TNT Staffing Solutions focuses on people, and building lasting relationships that endure time and changes in technology. Providing IT and communications services, when they need it, and how they need it is what keeps those relationships strong. Our goal is to provide communications systems that provide integrity, confidentiality, and 100% availability.

TNT IT’s commitment to excellence starts with

  • Understanding and thoroughly addressing business needs
  • Innovative solutions to modern advancement at predictably lower cost
  • Building long-term partnerships
  • Full range of IT and telecommunications services
  • Professional service
  • Outstanding customer service

Services we offer include:

  • Systems administration
  • Configuration management
  • Infrastructure services
  • Cloud services
  • Virus protection
  • Network security
  • COTS Software Training


Our IT and communications services team understands the challenges in supporting IT infrastructure, application development, and data services. We are ready to take on those challenges in the most seamless and cost effective way for your business. Company executives can focus on client satisfaction and leave IT operations and communications management to us. Let TNT be your solution for all of your IT and communications needs.

Other areas of expertise include:

  • Administration & Operations

  • Database Management

  • Cloud Computing

  • Electronic Medical Record(EMR)

  • Health IT Staffing

  • Health Information Systems(HIS)

  • Imaging Management

  • iOS/Android

  • java Development

  • Medical Device

  • Meditech

  • Network Security

  • Software Design

  • Web Development